"Silicon Biotechnology" is a rapidly evolving field at the meeting point between electronics and biotechnology. Our research focuses on interaction between biomoleculsand inorganic materials, such as silicon and asbestos. Incollaboration with Prof. Akio Kuroda (Hiroshima University), we have been developing technologies and applications for immobilization of proteins on silicon devices, bio-sensing, and for asbestos detection using asbestos-binding protein. We are taking on the challenge of developing innovative applications at the cutting edge of bioscience.

1. Asbester series
Asbester is an kit of reagents to detect asbestos. It is an innovative Asbestos detection method using asbestos binding Protein.

AIR1 for chrysotile only 10 tests $ 360.00 (USD) (code   S.001-0510)
AIR2 for all kinds of asbestos 10 tests $ 420.00 (USD) (code   S.001-2510)

For a test using the kit, Asbester Air, a fluorescence microscopy with FITC filter set (Ex/Em=490nm/520nm) is required.

2. Portable fluorescence microscopy (iFM)
A portable fluorescence microscopy (iFM) is a light weighted and user friendly microscopy. It can visuallize the shape and the characteristic of a target through its fluorescence properties. It allows on-site detection of air borne asbestos with Asbester AIR kits.

iFM price on request

This microscopy has a filter set (Ex/Em=490nm/520nm), suitable for FITC or other.

3. Si-tag
A method for immobilization of proteins onto the surface of silicon devices, with the molecular orientation controlled

Si-tag-ProteinA 1 mg $ 500.00 (USD) (code   S.202)
Si-tag-SCFV 1 mg ask (code   S.203)

4. Highly sensitive ATP detection kit
Using the world's brightest luciferase (15times brighter than wild type), Luciferase FM is suitable for detction of small amount of ATP. (developed by BIOENEX Inc.)

Luciferase FM plus (luciferin premix) 80 tests $ 400.00 (USD) (code   BENX0010)
Luciferase FM (enzyme only) 1 mg $ 330.00 (USD) (code   BENX0002)

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